Howto Step-By-Step Use Celestron Starsense Autoalign

The Celestron Starsense Autoalign can be a bit overwhelming to some who may not understand how to use it, I made this video to help walk you threw the steps needed to use the Celestron Starsense.
First night out with the camera I assumed all that was need was to replace the Hand controller that comes with the Compatible GoTo mounts made by Celestron and attach the Starsense camera on the telescope and power the mount and add the date time and location and have the Starsense do it's thing..

However there is a bit more to getting started if its the first time it's being used with your telescope and mount that is needed to be done before the you're able to use the Starsense like it says it will work.

This video I walk you step by step setting it up and using it.

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Celestron Starsense Autoalign Unbox

I recently was able to finally get one of these Celestron Starsense Autoalign been wanting one for a few months finally got lucky and found one on eBay and won it for $270 with free shipping.

For many of you who don't know what the Celestron Starsense Autoalign is or what it does I will explain below...

The Celestron Starsense Autoalign replaces the hand controller that comes with a lot of the GoTo Telescopes Celestron sells The camera replaces the finder scope.

With a Celestron Starsense Autoalign after preforming needed steps then you do the Starsense autoalign the starsense camera will tell the mount to slew to spots in the sky and capture the sky to help know where the telescope is and to make alignment a lot better then having to spend a lot of time getting the alignment perfect, while having prefect alignment isn't really important for visual use but for astrophotography alignment is extremely important it's the difference from being centered in the eyepiece and being centered if you were to connect a camera for imaging or being way off.

The Celestron Starsense is only compatible with select Celestron GoTo model telescopes and will not work on any mount not made by Celestron.

The Celestron Starsense saves a bit of work required like alignment rather then having to do it yourself the Celestron Starsense will do a lot of the work for you, however you do need to preform a few steps like, making sure the date/time and location are correct each time you use it, The first time you use the Starsense you will be required to calibrate this is only needed to be done once unless you take the starsense off and put it on another Celestron GoTo telescope.

There is a video Celestron has on YouTube which walks you threw the steps for setting the Celestron Starsense up.

Solar Eclipse – Fort Myers, FL 8-21-2017

Even though the Solar Eclipse from Fort Myers, Florida wasn't in the path of totality we did get to experience a Partial Eclipse.
At a little after 1 PM EST I setup for the eclipse didn't plan to setup for it but decided to since the weather looked promising, and I'm glad I did!

My dad spent the eclipse outside with me sadly my mom only stayed out for less then 1 minute because she had to work.

Anyways here is some of the stuff I got from it.

Solar Eclipse 2017 - ZWO ASI120MC Celestron Nexstar 5SE

Dumbbell Nebula July 24th 2017

Dumbbell Nebula July 24th 2017
Telescope: Explore Scientific AR102
Mount: Celestron Advanced VX - Unguided.
Camera: Canon 450D (Self Astro Modded)
Frames: 20x60 Seconds Light Frames, 35 Bias Frames, 20 Dark Frames.
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, Processed in PixInsight 1.8 and Photoshop CS6

Celestron Advanced VX Mount – Unboxing

Celestron Advanced VX Mount is a great entry-level mount for astrophotography in mind, The Celestron advanced vx computerized german equatorial mount allows easy setup and tracking once a proper polar alignment has been completed.

I was able to purchase this used Celestron advanced vx mount from Orange County Telescope with the help of Mike Fowler helping me out with a payment plan, special thanks to Orange County Telescope for being able to help me out with the purchase.

The Celestron advanced vx mount payload is recommended for 30lbs, Counterweights are not included in the weight only stuff on the OTA is counted for the payload.

When it comes to the Celestron advanced vx mount alignment the hand controller will be able to walk to you through the setup process to get polar aligned, without a polar scope.

However a Polar Scope is recommended if you want to have near perfect alignment for long exposure astrophotography.

Jupiter, Europa, Ganymede March 30th 2017

Jupiter, Europa, Ganymede

Jupiter, Europa, Ganymede are just two of the Moon's that Orbit around Jupiter.
Europa can be seen just to the right off of Jupiter.
Ganymede can be just barely seen at the right side of the picture just before the edge.

This still image was made from processing a 24 second video using IC Capture and then Processed in AutoStackkert and RegiStax 6.

Jupiter has been enlarged using a 3.0X Drizzling feature.

Equipment Used:
Celestron Nexstar 5SE
Celestron NexImage 5 Camera