Jupiter, Europa, Ganymede March 30th 2017

Jupiter, Europa, Ganymede

Jupiter, Europa, Ganymede are just two of the Moon's that Orbit around Jupiter.
Europa can be seen just to the right off of Jupiter.
Ganymede can be just barely seen at the right side of the picture just before the edge.

This still image was made from processing a 24 second video using IC Capture and then Processed in AutoStackkert and RegiStax 6.

Jupiter has been enlarged using a 3.0X Drizzling feature.

Equipment Used:
Celestron Nexstar 5SE
Celestron NexImage 5 Camera

Jupiter Video July 19 2016

Jupiter July 19 2016 In this video I will be showing you Jupiter using a stock Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ.
I've been waiting to do a video showing how the planets might look with stock parts on a Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ using stock diagonal and stock 20mm Eyepiece, I also show using the stock diagonal with the Celestron NexImage 5 webcam.

Jupiter Picture July 18 2016

This is my first attempt to enhance Jupiter using the RegiStax 6 software, the color is a bit off on Jupiter sadly and that was due to the wrong settings in RegiStax 6.
Using the celestron Power seeker 80EQ with the celestron neximage5 I was able to a 10 second video that allowed me to import into RegiStax 6 to make the still image Jupiter