Revolution Imager R2 – Unboxxing

Wanted to share a Unboxxing video of the Revolution Imager R2 This is a long video but hopefully will help people who are interested in buying one get a look before they buy!

Portable 7" LCD monitor.
12v Li-Ion Battery with charger to run both the camera and LCD screen.
0.5x Focal Reducer to dramatically widen the field of view.
UV/IR filter.
Hand-held remote control to control the camera.
Shock-proof carry case.
All required cables.

Sample Images:
M3 and M13 May-26-2017
M51 Pictures April-7-2017

Sample Videos:
Revolution Imager R2 - Imaging the Moon
Orion Nebula with a Revolution Imager R2
M3 with a Revolution Imager R2

Please take in mind that I haven't had much time to use the Revolution Imager R2 all of the videos and images were taken first day I got it also the Moon was full the night I used it.

GoFundMe for Astrophotography Equipment

I started a GoFundMe campaign to allow anyone who would like to help me pursue my dream of doing Astrophotography sadly Astrophotography isn't a cheap thing to do, while I do agree that some of my past images are good I'd really like to try and step up my imaging.

I would like to raise $800 to help get an entry-level mount I didn't wanna be greedy and ask for more the Celestron Advanced VX mount I'd be happy to settle with and it will work just as good as a $2,000 mount.
I still need to come up with extra money to at least get a auto guider to help keep the telescope tracking, however the $800 will allow me to at least get the mount and the auto guider isn't too much I can't handle to buy on my own.

If any of you would like to help me out by making a donation or would like to at least share my campaign on your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter that would be great!

My GoFundMe campaign can be found at:

Orion Starseeker IV Review

Orion Starseeker IV Review a little history before I go into the review about this go to Mount from Orion.
I attended a local astronomy club meeting Orion Starseeker IV was donated to the club for anybody who wanted it, the president of the club anybody who wants it is welcome to have it so that's how I obtained this go to Mount.

Pros: has many features, bright Star alignment, two star alignment, smooth tracking, decent adjustable tripod, PC to serial, snap port for connecting your DSLR, over 42,000 celestial objects to explore and many more.

Cons: need to reprogram time every use, $30 for a serial cable to update firmware the LCD is not very bright at night hard to see when you're trying to look in the dark even with adjusting the color settings it was hard to read the text these settings can be found in the handset under set up.

So this telescope go to Mount has many great features even I haven't even figured out yet, it is very important that you use a 10 mm eyepiece, when doing you're 2 star alignment.
I made the mistake of using a 20 mm eyepiece, and also had the wrong time set which is very important during the alignment.

Make sure that your latitude and longitude you are correct for your location, you can find that using Google if you need help, take in mind that if you move far from your location you might need to do an update on your latitude and longitude.

As I mentioned you will need to reprogram the controller for the current time you are using it, also make sure that you have daylight savings correct it is very important you have the correct time program into the controller.

Also make sure that one picking the sky location that your star is in that location for example where I am arcturus is in the northwest sky around 8 o'clock p.m. I made the mistake of picking the wrong part of the sky that my star was them any was unable to find a star.

You can't do a two star alignment during the daytime, due to the fact that there are no stars to align two in the daylight.

The two star alignment needs to be set up every use and a time needs to be set before each use.

I wanted to mention as well that if used noticed a NPE caution Error I believe you need to set this zero under alignment for NP error I was told that has to do with three-star alignment for some equatorial mounts.

September 1st 2016 Astronomy Club Meeting!

September 1st 2016 I officially joined the Southwest Florida Astronomical Society, Inc. Really had a great night with the club members we got to watch a show inside the Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium the dome was like if you were really flying through space!

I haven't been to the Planetarium since my Elementary school field trip was a really awesome night and to top it off the Southwest Florida Astronomical Society, Inc club President gave away a Orion Starseeker 4 GoTo mount, and it was given to me at not cost and I will honestly say I almost cried because it's a dream come to finally have something I've been waiting for my Celestron Powerseeker 80eq but the website wanted $400 for just the GoTo and tripod, I will always be grateful to the Southwest Florida Astronomical Society, Inc. For this great GoTo system.

Special thanks, to Brian Risley club President and Bruce Dissette Vice President, and Tony Heiner Treasurer, and everyone else who is a member of the Southwest Florida Astronomical Society, Inc.

You can find out more about the Southwest Florida Astronomical Society, Inc by the links below!

Club Website:
Club Facebook:
Calusa Nature:

Pictures from September 1st 2016 Club meeting!
Special thanks to Tony Heiner who was nice enough to take the picture of me touching the Meteorite and taking a picture of me and the club Vice President Bruce Dissette.

Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium - Meteorite

Inside the Planetarium

Matthew Knight and Bruce Dissette
Matthew Knight touching a 126 lb Meteorite