Celestron Advanced VX Mount – Unboxing

Celestron Advanced VX Mount is a great entry-level mount for astrophotography in mind, The Celestron advanced vx computerized german equatorial mount allows easy setup and tracking once a proper polar alignment has been completed.

I was able to purchase this used Celestron advanced vx mount from Orange County Telescope with the help of Mike Fowler helping me out with a payment plan, special thanks to Orange County Telescope for being able to help me out with the purchase.

The Celestron advanced vx mount payload is recommended for 30lbs, Counterweights are not included in the weight only stuff on the OTA is counted for the payload.

When it comes to the Celestron advanced vx mount alignment the hand controller will be able to walk to you through the setup process to get polar aligned, without a polar scope.

However a Polar Scope is recommended if you want to have near perfect alignment for long exposure astrophotography.

Orion Starseeker IV Review

Orion Starseeker IV Review a little history before I go into the review about this go to Mount from Orion.
I attended a local astronomy club meeting Orion Starseeker IV was donated to the club for anybody who wanted it, the president of the club anybody who wants it is welcome to have it so that's how I obtained this go to Mount.

Pros: has many features, bright Star alignment, two star alignment, smooth tracking, decent adjustable tripod, PC to serial, snap port for connecting your DSLR, over 42,000 celestial objects to explore and many more.

Cons: need to reprogram time every use, $30 for a serial cable to update firmware the LCD is not very bright at night hard to see when you're trying to look in the dark even with adjusting the color settings it was hard to read the text these settings can be found in the handset under set up.

So this telescope go to Mount has many great features even I haven't even figured out yet, it is very important that you use a 10 mm eyepiece, when doing you're 2 star alignment.
I made the mistake of using a 20 mm eyepiece, and also had the wrong time set which is very important during the alignment.

Make sure that your latitude and longitude you are correct for your location, you can find that using Google if you need help, take in mind that if you move far from your location you might need to do an update on your latitude and longitude.

As I mentioned you will need to reprogram the controller for the current time you are using it, also make sure that you have daylight savings correct it is very important you have the correct time program into the controller.

Also make sure that one picking the sky location that your star is in that location for example where I am arcturus is in the northwest sky around 8 o'clock p.m. I made the mistake of picking the wrong part of the sky that my star was them any was unable to find a star.

You can't do a two star alignment during the daytime, due to the fact that there are no stars to align two in the daylight.

The two star alignment needs to be set up every use and a time needs to be set before each use.

I wanted to mention as well that if used noticed a NPE caution Error I believe you need to set this zero under alignment for NP error I was told that has to do with three-star alignment for some equatorial mounts.

My New 8 dobsonian telescope

I picked up this really nice 8'' Skywatcher Dobsonian Telescope found it on Craigslist was at a Capital Pawn Shop here in Florida had to drive 35 miles to pick it up and it only cost me $240 plus 6% sales tax they wanted $260 but I got them to take $20 so not to bad for a Telescope that sells for $355 + $35-45 USD shipping.
Came with a 10mm Eye piece and a 25mm Eyepiece along with a 1.25 inch eye piece adapter and a 2'' Eye piece adapter.

I plan to try and do some videos with this telescope using the NexImage 5 Webcam if I can think about be coming a Subscriber or check my channel to see if videos are already up using this dob

Howto: Altazimuth Mode 80EQ Telescope

This was a old unique way I called the Altazimuth Mode for some EQ Telescopes However I should've made this more clear in the video which I didn't this way is mainly for Telescopes that have a EQ mount like the Celestron Powerseeker 80EQ because not all of the EQ mounts will work this way or at least in the way I say to do it in the video.

And honestly that was my mistake I have no idea why I thought that all EQ's are the same they do the same but they're made differently the more pricey EQ mounts this possibly wouldn't work well on.

My advice is try to find a Star Party or an astronomy club near you so someone can teach you how to set it up correctly, Honestly I thought it was gonna be hard but to honest it's really not that hard to setup a EQ mount and for all I know I'm still using it wrong to some point.

But doing it this way might help some of you it's a bit weird and possibly dumb but believe it or not I used my Celestron Powerseeker 80EQ this way for at least a month before I decided to reach out to a local star party near me and the guy helped setup my Telescope and explained to me a bit how to use it.

I will admit I left him still confused but then I realized what I had been doing wrong was their are 2 thumb screws they allow your Telescope to move up and down and the other allows your Telescope to Spin 360 degrees.

I had the Thumb screw that allows the Tube to spin 360 degrees to tight so it felt like the Telescope couldn't spin but it can soon as I loosened that thumb screw I noticed that while the counter-weight faces north the tube can face south without moving the Tripod legs and this is what my problem was all that time.

Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ – Watch Before You Buy!

If you're planning to buying the Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ You might wanna watch this video before you buy it.
In this video I share some advice and tips which I found out from other reputable people on the astronomy forums, is that upgrades might be required get the best performance out of your telescope.
I explained in this video some of the recommended parts that are recommend you get should you buy this telescope, it will really help you in the long run when using this telescope.

My New Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ

I wanted to share my experience with my Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ I purchased for $116.99 plus free shipping.
I share my thoughts from a Newbie and First Timer user of this Telescope and also some pictures of the Telescope and what I saw.
[NOTE]: This is my first video I did on the Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ this was before I started using it the correct way.