Dumbbell Nebula July 24th 2017

Dumbbell Nebula July 24th 2017
Telescope: Explore Scientific AR102
Mount: Celestron Advanced VX - Unguided.
Camera: Canon 450D (Self Astro Modded)
Frames: 20x60 Seconds Light Frames, 35 Bias Frames, 20 Dark Frames.
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, Processed in PixInsight 1.8 and Photoshop CS6

Messier 45 September 12th 2016

I managed to get quite a few pictures of The Pleiades Messier 45, using a Celestron Powerseeker 80eq using a 20mm GSO Superview Wide view Eyepiece my Nexus 6 cell phone was mounted over the eyepiece using a software for my phone called Camera FV-5 I was able to control the Exposure and Shutter speed, Sadly the pictures didn't come out as good as they appeared on the screen I think even with the timer when the picture was taken it kinda blurred the pictures but I will say it was amazing Messier 45 came out a little after 1 AM EST where I am in Florida it came in from the Northeast sky my Starseeker IV mount helped me get to the location it was at I also used SkyMap to see if Messier 45 was in a location to see before I set my telescope to locate it.