Celestron Advanced VX Mount – Unboxing

Celestron Advanced VX Mount is a great entry-level mount for astrophotography in mind, The Celestron advanced vx computerized german equatorial mount allows easy setup and tracking once a proper polar alignment has been completed.

I was able to purchase this used Celestron advanced vx mount from Orange County Telescope with the help of Mike Fowler helping me out with a payment plan, special thanks to Orange County Telescope for being able to help me out with the purchase.

The Celestron advanced vx mount payload is recommended for 30lbs, Counterweights are not included in the weight only stuff on the OTA is counted for the payload.

When it comes to the Celestron advanced vx mount alignment the hand controller will be able to walk to you through the setup process to get polar aligned, without a polar scope.

However a Polar Scope is recommended if you want to have near perfect alignment for long exposure astrophotography.