Revolution Imager R2 – Unboxxing

Wanted to share a Unboxxing video of the Revolution Imager R2 This is a long video but hopefully will help people who are interested in buying one get a look before they buy!

Portable 7" LCD monitor.
12v Li-Ion Battery with charger to run both the camera and LCD screen.
0.5x Focal Reducer to dramatically widen the field of view.
UV/IR filter.
Hand-held remote control to control the camera.
Shock-proof carry case.
All required cables.

Sample Images:
M3 and M13 May-26-2017
M51 Pictures April-7-2017

Sample Videos:
Revolution Imager R2 - Imaging the Moon
Orion Nebula with a Revolution Imager R2
M3 with a Revolution Imager R2

Please take in mind that I haven't had much time to use the Revolution Imager R2 all of the videos and images were taken first day I got it also the Moon was full the night I used it.