• Jeff from Ypsilanti

    I’ve been having a terrible time getting my ZWO ASI120mc camera working with my Celestron 8SE and AstroImager software on MacOSX. Can I ask what software you were using with the camera and what settings? My images seem grossly overexposed and I just can’t get them in line, regardless of the exposure time. Is my telescope simply gulping too much light for this cam? I’d be grateful for any info. 🙂

    • No Your Telescope is perfectly fine for the camera, the problem could likely be something with the software your using. A lot of the people who use these camera’s use Windows Operating Systems. I’d recommend using SharpCap with the camera. For the sun you need to lower the exposure and gain to image the Sun. Also you need to make sure that you’re perfectly aligned with the Sun I’ve had problems finding the Sun just because I don’t image it much but when I do it takes me time to find the Sun and when I do it’s hard to see on the Laptop screen how the Sun looks I normally have to take a black towel and cover my head and laptop to see the screen. But I’d highly recommend SharpCap The settings are really easy to use when imaging the sun and making videos, Sadly with a telescope like mine and I think with the 8SE we are unable to get the full disk of the Sun because of the chip in the camera. Same goes for the Moon. And I am the owner of JustStarGazing.com but I also have FreeCST.